Without partners ... no organisation

Asbl SuperNils has several partners.

We have people who assist us in the operation and realisation of the objectives, there are of course the hospitals whose patients we support and then we have a large number of people/companies who believe in us and show this by making a donation. All of them add value to our operation, without them we could not continue to exist. We therefore greatly appreciate each and every one of them!

We would like to briefly introduce these partners to you. Of course, this is a page that is constantly evolving. We also only show the partners who are currently supporting us (current calendar year). Please note that in doing so, we will never forget the partners of previous years and remain grateful to them for what they have done!

Our partners
The hospitals
Number of members

These are them

Our highly valued partners.
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Our partners

They collaborate on projects, they support our operation and help realise the objectives.


Our target group

These are the partner hospitals together with their patients from onco-haematology departments.



These are the sponsors and investors, who believe in what we do and show it through material or financial support.

I am a proud and loyal friend of non-profit organisation SuperNils. I love everything they realise for patients who face a tough road. As a friend, I have a say in the organisation's general assembly and am kept informed of everything that is organised.
That small donation of 40 euros is more than worth it. Moreover, I will receive a tax certificate, which I can add to my tax return.