Who we are ...

People with warm hearts who want to support you

NPO SuperNils is a supportive patient organisation for people with haematological cancer. We collaborate with several other organisations, to give your mental well-being a real boost. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Asbl SuperNils

4 departments

Board of Directors

The brain of the organisation. This is where decisions are made, where operations and objectives are considered. At least 50% of its members are "neighbours".

"Heart and Mind"
support team

Group of entrepreneurs who spread vzw SuperNils within their own network, provide advice around its operation and help look for new investors.

General meeting

Meeting at which members are informed about the organisation's operations, plans, objectives and financial policies.

Project teams

Changing groups of people think about new projects, interactive packages or activities. They are often relatives who are part of these teams.

Get to know our departments better ...

Board of Directors

Asbl SuperNils aims to be a professional patient organisation recognised within the world of healthcare, hospitals, universities and other patient associations.

To achieve this, you need a clear structure and people who are fully 100% committed to the organisation.

Therefore, the Board of Directors consists of eight people, including 50% relatives, who meet this condition. It is these people who are permanently thinking about operations, new plans, optimisations and projects. They are the brains of vzw SuperNils!

Robert Scheltjens

Chairman - Founder

Jorn Scheltjens

Vice-Chair Co-Founder

Leona Koninckx

Secretary Co-Founder

Chelsea Roelandt

Financial advisor

Tessa Kerre

Medical advisor

Kris Marchi


Jan da Costa


Frank Noten


The Board of Directors is assisted by a professional accountant.

Caio Gyselinck

Accounting firm Gyselinck & Co BV

Clement D'hooghelaan 38, G - 9140 Temse

"Heart and Mind"

Vzw SuperNils wants to grow so that it can work with more hospitals (ambition = all hospitals in Belgium with a haematology department by 2030) and thus support more patients with haematological cancer. 

However, we cannot achieve this mission without additional resources. The current operating budget will have to increase by at least five times. And this is precisely why we set up the "Heart and Mind" support team. The group consists of entrepreneurs who care about SuperNils and make the organisation more widely known within their own networks. 

"Heart and Mind" is thinking about developing sponsorship packages, which can then be proposed to companies. 

Members of the support team propose possible candidate companies to the Board of Directors. 

Robert Scheltjens


Kris Marchi

CEO managing director XPLUS

Jan da Costa

CEO electrical works Jan da Costa bvba

Steven Wensel

Venar VR company

Jan-Baptist De Smedt

Notary at DJBS Notaries Kalmthout

Davy Duerinck

Branch Manager BNP Paribas Fortis

Evi Dejongh

Nutrition and exercise coach

Christof Van Remoortel


General Assembly

Once a calendar year, non-profit organisation SuperNils organises a General Members' Meeting. There, the working members get an insight into the past year's operations, the realised projects and the annual accounts. The new business plan for the coming year is presented, including the prepared budget, the new projects and project applications, new partners and insights. Members have the opportunity to ask additional questions for clarification. Finally, they discharge the directors for their work over the past year.

Who are the members of our organisation?

People who make a donation of 40 euros or more and indicate that they want to become members of SuperNils asbl free of charge will receive a membership card for the current calendar year. This card grants them access to the general assembly of members and thus also gives them a say in the operation and objectives. These working members also get full access to the website, via a dedicated login.

Project teams

An organisation like non-profit association SuperNils cannot do without project teams. They work on various projects, draw up project applications or deal with marketing, communication and events.
The teams are managed by a project leader, such as myself. The project leader puts together his/her own team of volunteers who are happy to contribute.

Asbl SuperNils ... short and sweet!

The organisation was founded on 6 November 2018, more than two years after Nils' death. It is this young man's ideas that we put into practice.

SuperNils currently supports patients with onco-haematological disorders in six hospitals, spread across the whole of Flanders. Our ambition is to extend this to all hospitals in Belgium with a haematology department by 2030. Big ambitions!

The organisation boosts the mental well-being of patients, through interactive boxes permanently available in partner hospitals. Furthermore, through two university funds "SuperNils", we support scientific research into leukaemia. And finally, we inform our patients and any other interested party, via the website, a podcast (Leukaemia, SuperNils Boostfactory), webinars and discussion groups for patients' relatives.

We do all this now with a limited annual budget of about €90 000 (in 2024). To achieve our ambitions, this will certainly have to be doubled.

Peter Genyn, an ambassador with a message !

Want to find out more about our ambassador, Peter Genyn? Then quickly click on the picture below.

Photo credits: Geert de Rycke

SuperNils as a value-driven organisation

Connected to our association? Then respect this framework of values.

4 values and norms


SuperNils is an organisation with integrity. We want to be transparent in what we do; we never work with a hidden agenda. We are honest, trustworthy and correct to everyone.


SuperNils loves diversity in the broadest sense of the word! Everyone is welcome in our organisation, regardless of nationality, origin, gender, religion, sex ... When supporting, no one will ever be excluded.


Asbl SuperNils wants to act professionally. Therefore, we will always enlist the help of people who are properly trained so that we do not make mistakes and never endanger patients with our actions. To make our organisation work smoothly and correctly, we will seek advice from external people, who can look at operations with an open mind.


Things are not going well for our planet. Asbl SuperNils would like to help reverse the current trend. That's why we mainly choose sustainable materials, to fill our packages or compose our interactive boxes. Furthermore, we dream of a real SuperNils forest, somewhere in Flanders. The first steps for this have already been taken.

Do you have any questions or concerns?

Do not hesitate to contact our board members

Without partners, we are not who we are ...

Asbl SuperNils is a networking organisation. All alone, we put ourselves in a weak position, but within a well-designed network the organisation gains mental and physical muscle. So our job is to permanently look for the right partner. Partners can be companies, organisations and individuals who want to invest financially in our operation. Donations are also tax-deductible from 2023! But we are also looking for partners who want to cooperate with us and help think about new projects.

We would now like to take you on a discovery within our wide and valuable network ...

How proud I am of our organisation! Asbl SuperNils has grown from a small, unknown player to a fine organisation with name recognition within the healthcare sector. Being able to support patients with onco-haematological disease is what we all do this for. It was our youngest son's wish ... which we are fulfilling!
How a terrible loss can turn into a beautiful and warm story. We miss Nils more and more, but we know he is proud of what we do!